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If 200 names on the Priority List were allocated meters, only 3 parcels on Crater Road (above) could contribute to the Fire Flow upgrades required. Water Lines & an upgrade to 120,000 g (from the existing 50,000 g) tank would be needed. An engineering  estimate for the upgrades is $3.8M. The Priority List is a Fairy Tale.
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UMLA Is Dedicated to Elimination of the Upcountry Water Meter List"
(Meaning Meters Granted On Request to Those With Proper Zoning. Meaning stop using water meters to halt Upcountry development. This approach is divisive, unfair and possibily illegal. Use Zoning instead. See why here.

7/16/15: Link to the June 30, 2015 Priority List by TMK or Priority Number. These Lists have changed from the June 30, 2014 Lists as parcels have had their meters reserved or been deleted. There are 1790 parcels on the 2015 List - down from 1852. Parcel #598 in 2014 is now 536 in the 2015 List. County policy uses the List to limit Upcountry growth rate to 1%/ year. Parcels will be removed at that rate until further Council action. 

6/17/15: Link to the WRC testimony regarding a Bill for the exemption of three lots or less from fire protection subdivision requirements by your UMLA Founder. A second chance for those removed from the List had great support in the Council. Chair Baisa's bill was also well received but was sent back to staff for further review.

1/10/15: Link to the Priority Lists by TMK (2014) or by Priority Number (2013). These Lists have changed from the December 2012 Lists as parcels have had their meter reserved or been deleted. Currently #36 of the 2014 list is being served. 76 letters have been sent so far since meter awards were begun after List closure on 12/31/2012. Priority Numbers at the beginning of the June 30 2014 List have advanced by 52 from the June 30 2012 List. This low rate of parcel advancement is constant with my slow growth estimate of 30 new names per year given in my page: "Smoking Gun". (Some of UMLA page links to the County lists have been changed by the County and are now invalid.)

1/10/15: Congratulations to Kyle Yamashita for election as District 12 Representative. He won with ~78% of the vote to my 20%. My page of essays and positions from the 2014 election is found on link: "UMLA Political".

6/4/14: Your UMLA Founder, Richard H. Pohle has filed for the House District 12 seat as a Republican. One of my priorities will be to obtain funding to upgrade the Upcountry DWS infrastructure so as to survive a long drought. More on this campaign later. My positions outlined in the 2012 Upcountry Council race may be found on the Campaign 2012 page.

6/4/14: Link to or open the UMLA response to Director Taylor's letter noted in 5/1/14. Link to the annotated "Smoking Gun" chart mentioned in that response. Questions for the DWS: Why is 100% of List demand double current usage? Previously, UMLA thought the 2012 List would add only about 25%. Is it the ~450 new List members added in a rush at the end of 2012 when the list was closed? Why does an Upcountry meter cost $75,000 each to provide proper infrastructure for. Is it because of the cost of meeting Fire Flow requirements? Is it for water distribution? Is it the cost for new infrastructure to pump water uphill during a long drought? Is it the cost of new wells? If the Upcountry system can't survive on ground water alone, then, during a long drought, you have said that Upper Kula will be without water and its lines will be contaminated. Is that really the case? The County has kept the new meter fee at $6K.  Won't that impact your ability to issue new meters? FYI, DWS expects to issue about 25 letters/month until they run out of "New Water" from Pookela and H'Poko wells.  

5/22/14: Link to DWS graph used by UMLA in the 5/14/14 Council presentation regarding MIP implementation. Unless Council provides direction to DWS, there will be no new wells until 2023. Direction Taylor has told the Council this. Planned growth is 1.2% per year and the $100M earmarked by the MIP for water infrastructure will not count for "New Water" if no new wells are drilled.

5/1/14: Link to Director Taylor's response to the UMLA "Smoking Gun" page. We publish it without comment and solicit your email comments to umla@umla.ws.

4/27/14: The Maui Island Plan (MIP), adopted on 12/28/14, has ended hope for new Upcountry meters  without further Council action to grandfather in meter requests from the Upcountry Meter List. Link to the "Smoking Gun" page containing the DWS Chart#36 and the discussion proving this point.

4/16/14: Link to UMLA testimony before the Budget and Finance Committee at 6:00 pm on 4/15/14. Link to or download a 2.7 MB briefing named "Water Department Management Update" also found on the DWS home page. In this, Director Taylor presents an overview of reasons the water rates are rising and various rate  options. He often makes these type of presentations but I never see Council actually choosing one of his options in open session. One outstanding chart showed that new Upcountry meters should cost $75,000 each as compared to $9,000 for one in Central Maui. We are investigating. You will notice that 100% of the Meter List is never serviced as we have said many times (see 2/14/14 entry). There are not enough wells. The reason for this is the limitation of the allowed growth set forth in the Maui Isand Plan Growth - not water availability. So all our testimony before Council pleading for our meters is in vain. 

4/10/14: Link to UMLA testimony before the Budget and Finance Committee. Mayor wants to increase the budget by 12% and tax rates by 6.5%. Many deserving programs asked for funds. UMLA said "We are taxed enough already".

4/4/14: Link to the Maui News report that
Upcountry meters are being issued. You will have thirty days to respond to your invitation letter with your payment. You will loose your fee if you cannot meet the requirements in your invitation letter including expensive Fire Flow upgrades to the County system. The first 235 names on the List are grandfathered into pay a non-refundable fee of ~$3K/meter. Thereafter, the fee is ~$12K and increases by $2K/year (unless Council reduces the fee because of hardship). Applicants are not grandfathered in to the rate in effect at the date of their application. Each letter must be individually researched and carefully written since it is a legal document that sets precedent. Only two DWS staff are available. UMLA expects that only about 200 letters will be issued this year.  By 2016, the 600th name will be called. We shall see.

3/25-26/14: Link to the 3/21/14 front page article of the Maui News entitled "Panel backing bill that offers reprieve from water fee hike". It contains the following quote: "On Wednesday, Water Supply Director Dave Taylor said his department will be ready to begin issuing water meters next week.". That would be now.

2/25/14: Here is the pertinent quote from the State of the County Address  (link is at bottom) delivered on 2/4/14 by Mayor Arakawa. "Besides fixing our roads, we continue to rebuild and improve our water system. Water in Maui County is one of our most valuable resources, and we must use it as efficiently as possible. Our administration has worked closely with the County Council over the last three years to redefine our needs and the resources required to meet future water demands. We are already moving forward with dozens of projects which will replace our aging water infrastructure and allow us to meet the community’s needs for decades to come. There are new wells being developed in Central and West Maui. The reconstruction of Waikamoi Flume serving the Upcountry area is about 50 percent complete. We expect to begin the process of issuing hundreds of meters for the Upcountry area in the next few weeks. It will take several months to work our way through these applicants, but real progress is worth the effort. Everyone knows that we have always had water issues in Maui County. We have accomplished much towards resolving these issues and we aren’t going to slow down." There are 1850 names (4000 meters) on the meter List and only a few hundred meters will be issued in a few months despite earlier promises. There are no new wells for Upcountry even though the state will start one in Pukalani for their own uses and the Pokela Well can only serve half the List. DWS rejected the 1.7 Mgpd Piiholo South Well without explanation. The flume provides no new water.

Please read these pages for missed dates and other broken promises made to Upcountry by this mayor. As examples, during his 2010 campaign, Mayor Arakawa said he would:
  • Fast track water improvements and source development to reduce and eliminate water meter wait lists and prevent water from being used as a moratorium tool. {No new meters except to the 22 names from the 33,000 gpd released back to the County from a developer. None from DWS actions.}

  • Work with and support the development of affordable housing and housing in general so that families and future generations will be able to call Maui Nui home again. { How about the Kula Ridge development??}
    Mayor Arakawa
    said: If members of his administration had more time in office, they would have eliminated the water meter lists in Upcountry. He also said that he tried to improve Upcountry water infrastructure but the Mayor blocked the funds. - Maui News 7/30/10: Corrected 8/11/10. {He has had 4 years.}
    Link to what Mayor Elect Arakawa said on 11/19/10 in the Maui News. All Talk- No Walk. 

1/28/14: Permission to link to the Maui News article referred to below received on 1/22/14.

1/18/14: While we wait for Maui News to respond to our request below, here are links to related stories in Maui Now  and Maui Tomorrow. The DLNR recognizes the need for new water Upcountry and will drill the Pukalani Well for state purposes (e.g. Hawaiian Homelands) and give it to the County.  But Maui County DWS starts no new wells and has rejected Piiholo South - an existing 1.7 Mg/d well. Even with Pookela Well on line, the current well systems will provide new water for only half of the Meter List. The DWS plans to use the cost of Fire Flow requirements to deny water to half of the parcels on the list.

1/14-15/14: A Maui News article by Lee Imada on 1/10/14 discusses a proposed 1 mgd well in Pukalani. I am requesting permission to republish this article from the Maui News. 

12/28/13: Query: Any further news as to the date of issue and number of meter acceptance letters to be sent? Ans: No firm date yet.  Pump/motor installation nearly complete at Hpoko.  Hoping to begin issuing letters in January if all goes well.

Download the 0.9 MB minutes of the 11/13/13 WRC Meeting. Director Taylor comments show that the Upcountry Water system nearly failed above Makawao for lack of water. We need more supply (wells). Yet no new wells are in the plans.

11/14/13: Your UMLA Founder testified at the WRC meeting yesterday. I was the only testifier that agreed with the purpose of the bill: to encourage conservation by increasing rates during water shortages. Download my testimony. Discussions after public testimony largely agreed with my positions (except for the Piihoho South issue).

11/10/13: Why does the 1000 gpm specification disallow use of rural 6" pipes when it can be demonstrated that a 6" pipe can deliver 1000 gpm? The reason is the "Surge Pressure Allowance" referred to in Fire Flow Tables.
DWS is afraid that the surge pressure, caused by the inertia of water flow,
occuring if water flow is abruptly shut off will rupture the pipe. This pressure is 44% lower in 8" vs. 6" pipes because the water is moving slower for a given gpm in the 8" pipe. The Fire Dept.  already turns the water off gradually - not abruptly. So surge pressure is not a reason to rip up all rural 6" lines. Save the money!


11/9/13: WRC Committee Mtg. Wednesday at 9:00am to discuss a Water Conservation Bill to increase water rates during declared water shortages. This bill is required by DWS to begin issuing meters. UMLA supports it and also agrees
that meter prices should be raised to provide new Upcountry water (wells). But new users should NOT by themselves have to  bring an entire neighborhood up to the new Fire Flow standards. Since all of the neighborhood benefits, they should also share the cost. Since 6" pipes can supply the required Fire Flow for rare emergencies (see Fire Flow Tables) in-the-ground 6" pipes should be grandfathered in to satisfy the 1000 gpm requirement. This will save the County reimbursement funds. Private Fire Flow systems should be encouraged. DWS acceptable subdivision approval standards should be published.

1/8-9/13: The minimum fire flow requirement on Maui has been established by ordinance (MCC 14:05:090) at 500 gpm for Ag and 1000 gpm for Rural properties for 120 minutes. There are cases where your requirements may exceed this flow. Download the ISO Fire Flow Guide. Note especially Pgs 22-23 for sprinkler systems and Pg 24 for 1 and 2 family dwellings at various separations. Please also see our Fire Flow page.

10/28/13: Some UMLA members believe the cost of their meters has been grandfathered in at $3K or $6K - the cost when they applied for the meter. Not So! Meter cost is now $12K/meter and that cost will increase $2K/year until your meter letter arrives. Link to 2013 water system and meter rates (at end). Those on the List up to #235 who applied before 11/01/2001 are grandfathered in at $3K/meter to a maximum of 3 lots. Download Related Maui News Articles.

10/20/13: UMLA has found cases where Upcountry Meter List applications have been accepted but are not on the List as published. We recommend that you check the  2013 TMK List to see if your parcel is actually listed. If it is not, show your time stamped application receipt to the DWS and have your parcel added to the list. The requirement that the list be annually updated was repealed in Ordinance 3997.
Be sure the DWS confirms your position on the List in writing.

10/18/13: This Link takes you to the Maui County parcel look up by TMK, etc. Follow directions in 7/20/13 entry below. TMK numbers will be displayed on all parcels if box on left is checked.

10/16/13: Link to the 2013 Meter Priority Lists by priority number and TMK with 1887 entries.

10/12/13: Recently, we were asked for the 2008 list. See below. Here is also a 2005 list by TMK from our archives. It is nearly the same as 2008. Compare to the 2012 Lists. Visit also the 7/24/12 entry on this page.

2.8 MB

proritylist2005.pdf New_List_Public_TMK_201207171616414078.pdf
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10/4/13: Because of delays in getting the new well pumps installed at the H'poko wells, DWS now anticipates having the wells ready for testing in November and issuance of the first letters offering new meters after that.

9/23/13: Links to and comments on all 22 award letters.

8/28/13: The entries 8/25-27/13 were based on a communication from a  reader citing DWS information. Read a more optimistic view and my comments on this link.

8/27/13: To submit your email address for our UMLA newsletter (these new items with comments), go to this link

8/27/13: RECAP: DWS sets conditions for meter awards with their meter letters. If the TMK linked to your application is not eligible for the new meter(s)  (e.g., if you sold a part of your parcel with that TMK) when they write that letter, your application will be rejected and removed.  To avoid this, you need to re-consolidate your parcel with that TMK number. Re-subdivision will require satisfying current FF rules - not the ones you satisfied when you originally subdivided. Get legal advice. Act fast. Once the letter is issued, it will probably be too late. This would not matter if the County provided meters on demand instead rationing meters. Meter applications follow the TMK - not the applicant.

8/25/13: Warning: your application for a water meter is linked to your TMK. If you have subdivided and sold off the part of your parcel with that TMK, and that TMK is too small for further subdivision, your meter application will be denied even though the un-subdivided parcel would have been eligible. The rest of your parcel will not be offered meter(s). You cannot reapply for a List position. One way out may be MCC 18.28.050. More on this later.

8/23/13: BPA 97-0590. Status: 1 meter. Request: Meter upgrade or new meter for dwelling addition. Since addition now is built, upgrades required or DWS will remove existing meter. Grandfathered fee $3350; 6 years to perform.

8/23/13: SD 96-67. Status: 0 meters. Request: 2 meters. Requirements: 2 parcel subdivision, 3500' 6" pipe, 2 hydrants, 5000g water tank, service laterals and lesser requirements. Grandfathered fee $6.7k: 6 years (now fee:  $24k, 3 years).

8/23/13: DWS will shortly mail Meter Offer Letters. These Letters are public property available on request from the DWS. UMLA has the first 22 Letters from the 33,000 gpd of "New Water" made available in early 2012. We will publish these so that you on the List may plan ahead to satisfy your requirements. When you receive your Offer Letter, you have only 30 days to respond with your full $12K/meter upfront fee payment or you are removed from the List.  According to Ordinance 3997, the six years for Upcountry to satisfy requirements has been reduced to three years. Your failure to satisfy these requirements means you forfeit your fee which can be considerable. Also, the requirement on DWS to publish yearly updates to the Meter List has been repealed. Many of you will want or need to sell a part of your land to satisfy the requirements of the DWS letter. This makes sense, since your parcel  or new subdivision with meter(s) will be worth far more than your parcel with no meter(s) prospects. Planning for all this takes time. That is why UMLA wants to keep you informed so you can make the best choices. Since DWS chose not to acquire Piiholo South Well,  DWS can provide "new water" for only half of The List. Thus, it is not in their interest to grant all meter requests. you should be prepared for your letter. Two letters are On this link. They are summarized above.

8/19/13: Link to the Drought Rate Bill under consideration.  7/3/13 WRC minutes (including public testimony) relating to this bill are on this link (click on the  7/3/13 link in the County Website). Changes to the old bill are summarized before public testimony by WRC  staff member Ms. Willenbrink. The WRC meeting on 8/22/13 at 1:30 pm is just to extent the deadline for action on the drought rate bill one year to 8/14. Testimony on the drought bill would be pertinent but not the real purpose of the WRC meeting which is to discuss a desalination facility on Lanai.

WRC minutes for 7/17/13 (click on County link) discuss the flume repair and the Upper Kula water system storage. Although repair of the flume will not provide "new water" for purposes of the Meter List, the increased transportation efficiency from the repaired flume will ease DWS water shortage concerns and may result in a few more Meter letters.

8/1/13: Ordinance 4053 (1.9MB pdf) relating to subdivisions is on this link.  See MN article.

7/25/13: Some may wonder what a meter invitation letter looks like. We republish the 6/26/12 entry. WRC Chair Victorino had asked DWS for status update and examples of Meter Award Letters send out in response to the new water allocation announced on 12/15/11. In this link we see an actual letter written and the conditions required  for a meter for the first person on the 2011 Meter List. Download analysis of the first 22 meter award letters showing needed Fire Flow improvements. .

7/23/13: To clarify, the first two buildings on your land are exempt from Fire Flow requirements (MCC 14.04.020 A: See also MCC 14.12.030 for other exemptions). So, if your land is vacant, you need only pay a hookup and  $12k meter fee - not meet Fire Flow standards - if there is county water nearby. Link to 2013 water system and meter rates (at end).  Also, to remind you, the 1000 gpm for two hours  Fire Flow requirement applies to rural zoning. It is only 500 gpm for two hours for Ag zoning. If you want to move a boundary or subdivide, Fire Flow does apply. The size of your house may also affect meter size and Fire Flow requirements.

7/22/13: According to Maui County Code, amended by Ordinance 3997, a meter applicant has 30 days to respond to an invitation to reserve a meter. The price, set in the budget will be $12K for a 5/8" meter. Refuse the offer and you are off the Meter List and cannot reapply.  If you accept and pay the meter fee, you will  have 3 years to satisfy all specified requirement in the invitation or else you forfeit your fee. Since different parcels will get letters at varying times, your neighbor's improvements will affect the cost of what you will have to improve. It is important that you know what your neighbor's plans are and if you can work together before you get the letter since 30 days is a very short time to plan for such a large and risky investment. 

7/20/13: If you would like to find which of your neighbors are on the List, go to this Link. Go to "Search Records" in top line. When there, click "Yes, I accept...". On the next page click  "Search by Parcel Number". Insert your parcel number if you have it. Convert this number as in the directions on the Maui page. Display the map of your parcel. To find your neighbors on the Meter List, link to the 2013 list by TMK
to get your neighbors' TMKs.  If yo do not have your code, from the parcel number on the Meter List, add a zero after the second hyphen, remove hyphens and colons, and add 4 zeros at the end. Insert the 12 digit result to the search page. The result is a page with the parcel owner. Click on the parcel number. On the right side of the result is a "Show Parcel Map".  This gets you to the parcel map for you and your neighbors. Parcel numbers are on the map if box on left is checked. Neighboring parcels will be grouped together in the TMK Meter List.

7/19/13: Link to the 2013 Meter Priority Lists by priority number and TMK with 1887 entries. Compare to the 2012 Meter Priority Lists by priority number and TMK with 1474 entries. There were advances. For example, 2012 List #653 advanced to #634 in 2013. For names, location, and zip, follow this link to the 2008 Priority List in Excel. 

7/8/13: Water rate bill deferred again. Farmers and Mr. Fischel, please help out here. You use half the water and need to conserve too.  Stop continually delaying a needed new bill, find out why DWS rejected the 1.7 Mg/d Piiholo South Well.

6/26/13: No change in H'Poko schedule from 6/12/13. Final Meter List should be released no later than 7/8/13.

DWS has not heard of any questions, challenges or objections to the H'poko EA or the FONSI. The DWS is proceeding with improvements to use H'Poko Wells as back-up wells for the Upcountry system. Barring difficulties, "New Water" should be available by 1 October. Anticipating this, letters to Upcountry applicants will be sent somewhat sooner .

6/04/13: The AFONSI Environmental Assessment of the H'poko Well as backup was published on 1/8//13. There was a 45 day comment period. These responses were incorporated into the FONSI published on 5/8/13. The next thirty day comment period expires 6/8/13. The enabling Ordinance 3859 was passed (see this MN link) around 11/14/11. No wonder no meters. 

5/30-03/13: A very nice Maui News article by Council Member Mike White. UMLA will keep track of his comments along with any responses from Mayor Arakawa's administration. Demolition was public knowledge. An investigation may be started [If rehabilitation means demolition, English has a problem]. {6/18: votes to investigate. 6/20: Arakawa apology rebuffed. 6/28: Further Arakawa apology and 6/30: MN editorial} An attempt by Council Member Mike Victorino to grandfather in the $6K cost for those on the Meter List was defeated (it will soon be $12K). The DWS needs money to develop water sources. Since Farmers cannot afford the higher cost but want-to-be home builders can, UMLA suggests the differential cost be bundled into the house mortgage. 6/30: Victorino explains amended water bill.

5/17/13; As a public service, we publish the comments from some of the Usual Suspects against development. Imagine how much faster Upcountry meters could be awarded if their considerable talents were devoted to obtaining meters rather than opposing  and obstructing them.
Maui Tomorrow (Bowie) comments on the H'Poko EA (Environmental Assessment) and FONSI (Finding of No Significant Impact) are on this 3.8.MB link.

Comments by Dick Mayer made in the H'Poko DEA (Draft EA) and AFONSI (Anticipated FONSI) are on this 4.1MB link.

5/16/13: The EA and FONSI for the H'Poko Well reactivation is 519 pages long and 53.9 MB (Link is here). UMLA congratulates DWS for its hard work. As an example of one comment, we present Member Cochran's comment and the DWS response (in word copied from pdf) on this 1.9MB link. 

5/12/13: Summary for new readers from my MN letter referencing articles MN 4/19, MN 4/30, and 5/1/13: This site is a record of UMLA's attempt to allow small Upcountry parcel owners to develop their own land with their own money. Current issues are: the unexplained refusal of the DWS to acquire the 1.72Mg/d Piiiholo South Well as drought reserve. The well was offered without cost in exchange for hookup to County water; and, the unjustified Fire Flow requirement to replace perfectly good 6" water lines with 8" water lines in rural Upcountry with a potential >$50M liability each to the County and Upcountry landowners.

5/10/13: The FONSI for the H'Poko Well improvements is here. Specified work may now proceed. [6/4/13: That is incorrect. Another comment period {to 6/8/13} is necessary. The current issue of the Office of Environmental Quality Control (OEQC)  bi-monthly publication link to FONSI is on this link.

4/26/13: The promised analysis of the Viewpoint articles made on 4/7/13 is on this link. It is not gentle.

4/12/13: The list of all County fees  in the proposed budget is on this link. Water consumption rates are on Page 47. Account # 3477 shows that Ag rates rise from the current $1.10/1000g to the proposed rate of $1.15. During water shortages, the Ag rates increase to $1.26 in stage 1 shortage and $1.38/1000g in stage 2 for unlimited usage. Meanwhile, general
consumer rates at heavy usage double to $11.30/1000g in stage 2. Considering that Downcountry already subsidizes the Upcountry water system expenses by 20%, that ag land already pays very low real estate taxes,  that meaningful conservation is impossible without farmers since farmers use most of the water, {4/28/13:  mandatory restrictions will be less likely with conservation}, UMLA considers the proposed fee schedule very reasonable. Farmers should stiffle their opposition. (We will publish any contrary views here.) Visits:

4/7/13: Link to the actual Water Conservation Bill under WRC consideration and two related MN Viewpoints. One dated April 5 by Lloyde Fischel and one dated April 6 by Michael Howden. Analysis of these Viewpoints is on this link. {The $11/gallon  claimed by Lloyde is actually $11.30/1000 g - just twice the proposed rate for that usage amount > 35,ooog/month in stage 2 and Ag users pay only $1.38/1000g}. Penalty in Bill is $500/violation after a possible appeal to the Board of Water Supply. Second violation may result in loss of meter with a $100 re-installation fee. An excellent MN article by Melissa Tanji contains the proposed fee schedules. UMLA supports this Bill. New meters require conservation. Water conservation by rate increase is an effective approach - far better than enforcement with water police. Why won't the DWS acquire Piiholo South Well as drought reserve?

4/6/13: Partial minutes of the WRC 2/27/13 meeting including UMLA testimony and the response by Chairman Victorino. UMLA requested that: 1) the WRC investigate DWS refusal to acquire Piiholo South Well; and, 2) that any 6" water lines installed according to the pre-2008 requirements be grandfathered in for purposes of satisfying rural Fire Flow requirements. This would both save meter applicants money and the County the 50% reimbursement cost. Link here to the complete WRC 2/27/13 minutes.

3/28/13: Link to the MN report of the 3/27/13 WRC discussion to allow the DWS director to raise rates during drought. UMLA favors the bill as a requirement for new meters Upcountry. The farm lobby does not understand that a water shortage has to affect those using the most water (farmers).  Farmers and realtors should use their considerable political might to force an investigation as to why DWS will not acquire the Piiholo South Well for drought reserve. If those wanting to build a house on their own land were charged a reasonable building permit fee, those fees could pay for hook up to the free P.S. well. County policy seems to not allow private development. Rather than water availability, lack of infrastructure is the current rationing lie.

3/22/13: Comments and objections to the H'Poko Well EA AFONSI are now being addressed. DWS anticipates filing the final EA including all correspondence on May 1, 2013.  If all objections are addressed, work can begin on H'Poko upgrades. Meter award letters will not be issued until July or August. Ordinance 3859 was passed (see this MN link) around 11/14/11 (see story on preceding web page). It has taken the Council one and a half years and counting to obtain access to the Pookela Wells. No wonder there is no affordable housing Upcountry!

3/20/13: The comment period for the H'Poko Well AFONSI expired with no comments. However, because of a mistake in stated end date for comments, some comments may be accepted.  UMLA will try to determine the H'Poko AFONSI status. See 1/17-25/13 below.

2/27/13: Link to my DWS testimony and the Molokai Veterans' center article. Water (Fire Flow) infrastructure requirements were increased in 2008. Those water lines installed under the old requirements should be grandfathered in for Fire Flow calculations for future  users.  For example, relaxation of the rural  Fire Flow Requirement from 1,000 g/m to 800 g/m would allow the use of existing county 6" pipes that were installed under the old county requirements. It will cost millions to rip up these perfectly good 6" water lines. Use them until they wear out. There are better uses for that money.

2/26/13: Agenda: Director Taylor updates WDS progress. Fire Flow regs affect Veterans. Here are the 9/7/10 minutes (72Kb) pertaining to the acquisition of Piiholo South Well. It is being offered to the County now free (for the price of hookup to the County system). Tomorrow, at the WRC meeting at 1:30, I will ask why the County has rejected this well.

2/13/13: Link to the bill just passed out of the WRC allowing the Mayor (Director) to raise rates during shortages. Raising rates to encourage conservation is a good approach - far better than Water Police. Director Taylor has identified water shortage during drought as justification for the Upcountry Meter Priority List so this bill is necessary for the List to be eliminated. UMLA supports it. Since supplies can differ for the separate Upcountry, Central, and West Maui Water Systems, higher rates may apply only to a specific area.
 1/17- 25/13: The 45 MB H'Poko Environmental Assessment issued on 1/8/13 is available on this link. There is an anticipated finding of no significant impact for the H'Poko project. The current issue of the Office of Environmental Quality Control (OEQC)  bi-monthly publication is on this link. Of the 33,000 g/d of new water that the DWS found in Dec 2011, 26,000 g/d have been reserved.

1/4/13: The DWS claims the List will be empty in two to three years. We suspect it will take much longer but we will keep you informed as to the progress. First hurdle will be release of the Pookela well contingent on approval of the EA on use of the H'Poko Well as backup. We will discuss how many of the new meters are used for affordable housing or just used to reserve water. Is the $3.8 m cost for a meter on Crater Road legal? We shall see.

12/30/12: Tomorrow (Monday) is the last day to register on the Upcountry Meter List. To see if you are already on the Meter List, the link to the 2008 List on Excel is here. The 2012 List is nearly the same except that it has advanced by 22 and has more entries at the end.                                                             Happy New Year!
12/07-13/12: The law closing the Upcountry Meter List to new applicants passed the Council on second reading. List closure is effective 1/1/13. This date was specified in the Ordinance 3997 which was signed on 12/10/12. Apply now if you will ever need a meter!

1/30/12: Download the draft bill raising rates during droughts.
11/28/12: Link to MN article describing a bill to raise rates during droughts. UMLA agrees the the Arakawa, Taylor, Hokama viewpoints. A person uses < 20 g/d. Irrigation uses a lot more. If water shortage during droughts is the issue, utilize available wells, drill new ones, and increase fees for water - for conservation, not for money. The Council should recognize the fund raising potential of the private sector by charging reasonable infrastructure fees for home building - not impossible, arbitrary fees.
11/28/12: Download a draft of Bill 94 closing the Meter List. Final Council action on 12/7/12. Link to MN article describing this bill - the first of three dealing with the List.
11/26/12: Alert Update: After my Maui News Letter, I received these corrections from the DWS. These are noted in Bill 94 above and in my Maui News letter of correction.
1) The final date for Priority List registration is 12/31/12 (I had assumed the earliest possible date of 12/8/12).
2) If you registered for the Priority List after 2001, the meter fee is whatever the current fee is when you get the award letter - not $6K (I understood this but it was not possible to express it in the 250 word letter limit.
3) A BIG ISSUE: If you are now on the List, your second (later) registration will not be accepted. After you receive the first award letter, you can change your request (e.g. change 5 meters to 1 meter) but you must decide there and then (within 30 days) whether you can make the needed improvements. You cannot wait until the later date at the end of the List as my letter contends. In this sense, it is a disadvantage to be on the List now if you have extensive Fire Flow improvements. This unfair approach is not written into the law. It is completely an administrative decision - purely up to the DWS.

Alert: Meter List closure approved on first reading. See MN article. Final date for applications: 12/08/12.
Soon, new Meter Priority List applications will not be accepted. If you will ever want one, get it now!! Click to go to the DWS forms page. Use second form. Or open the pdf download. The DWS (County Bldg 5th floor) will make you a time stamped copy proving your submission. If you are low on the List and can't afford the required infrastructure, an application now may give you a 2nd chance at a later date when infrastructure requirements may have changed. It's free. Do it now.

10-11/12: Analysis: For more than 30 years, Maui Government has controlled Upcountry growth by refusing to issue meters on the stated grounds of "insufficient water". Starting next month (~12/8/12?) new laws will force owners of parcels needing Fire Flow infrastructure off the List. Previously, Upcountry development was rationed by meter awards: now it will be rationed by infrastructure requirements.

How? First, the List will be closed to new applicants. Then, (as soon as Pookela Well is approved for general use) meter award letters including infrastructure requirements will be issued. The letters will require payment of $6K/meter
and give applicants 30 days to respond. This fee will be forfeited in 3 years if the required improvements are not made.

The rate of meter awards will be up to the DWS. Previously, it took them 7 months to issue 22 letters. Taylor now estimates 2 to 3 years to go through the Lists. Neighborhood cooperation will be nearly impossible because the letter will be spread out over time. The result will be that those with no Fire Flow requirements will get meters. Those with requirements they cannot afford as individuals will not take the risk of losing their fee and will be forced off the List.

This is not a fair approach but it seems both legally and politically unassailable. There were better approaches (e.g. Piiholo South Well purchase, block award letters, even to reduce Fire Flow requirements if supplemented by private water tanks) that were not even discussed.

10/31/12: With thanks to the Kula Community Assn, we republish the atttendee survey and associated spreadsheet taken on 10/23/12 at the Kalama School Meeting. There, Director Taylor outlined his water development plans. UMLA asked why he would not acquire Piiholo South Well. Taylor replied that it was not worth the cost. UMLA said that that response ensures that Piiholo South will be taken private. This is a loss of 1.72 Mg/d which is now unavailable to the County as a reserve well source).

10/31/12: Analysis. Without acquisition of Piiholo South Well, block award letters cannot be written. Each meter award letter must be detailed. Since only three years are allowed before losing the meter deposit, and since the detailed award letters will be issued slowly and at at different tines, those needing moderate infrastructure cannot pool their resources and will not risk their deposit. They will leave the List. The result will be that only those without expensive infrastructure requirements will be awarded meters. Half the List will eventually be satisfied: the rest will have no remedy. That is the cruel way the County treats its citizens.

10/30/12: Download UMLA testimony recommending purchase of Piiholo South Well. This acquisition will not be done for reasons unknown. Council members say the well is substandard. Mr Taylor says he does not need it. Without County Council cooperation there is no way to force the issue. The outlook is bleak for those needing infrastructure.

10/30/12: Alert: Today the WRC approved a bill to close the Meter Priority List: On the mayor's signature after two Council readings (probably within November), the list will be frozen. The time allowed to obtain needed infrastructure will be reduced from 6 (5+1) years to 3 years (the same as Central and West Maui water systems). Analysis is above. Download the drafts of the bills to be discussed (Meter Issuance and Water Shortage). The former bill closes the Meter List to new applicants and shortens infrastructure completion time to 3 years: the latter bill institutes new rates during emergencies (not just droughts). Since it costs nothing to enroll on the List, UMLA recommends submitting an meter application quickly if there is any possibility of future need for a meter.

10/29/12: UMLA testimony will recommend acquisition of Piiholo South Well.
Otherwise, the new water plan for Upcountry will not to allow applicants to pool their resources for infrastructure. For background, here is a link to the original PowerPoint presentation on Piiholo South Well made to Maui County in September 2010.

10/29/12: Download my "I am not a single issue candidate letter" to Maui News.
10/29/12: A Maui News article describing the differences between Baisa and Pohle. My actual theme is Truth, Justice, and the American Way. This explains the Superman cape I wore.

10/19/12: Download my statement published in the Maui News 2012 Election edition.
 Download my responses to the 2012 Kanu Hawaii General Election Questionnaire.

10/16/12: Unsolicited comment from small business owner:  "The business climate in the county is terrible. You can't talk to a single small business owner who doesn't have a horror story about regulations - primarily permitting. No one is willing to expand or take a risk when they don't know what the government is going to do that will negatively impact their business. If government would get out of the way we could create more jobs and improve the overall economy." The elimination of unnecessary regulations is the goal of my campaign and what I will work for if elected.

10/14/12: Breaking news! Piiholo South Well owners have offered their well to the County in return for connection to the County water system. Piiholo South, a 1.72 Mg/d well, together with Pookela will allow meter awards to all on the Upcountry Priority Meter List. However, it may already be too late. The new owners may decide to go private. The inside story of Piiholo South is on this link.

10/3/12: This Molokai Veterans Center article illustrates the bureaucracy I will fight.

10/1/12: Download my AKAKU campaign statements for both the primary and the general elections. See my "Candid Candidate" interview on this UTube link.
To clarify a point: Hemp is not a viable commercial crop in Hawaii because it sets seed and stops growing at 2 feet. In the longer summer days in the mainland, it sets seed at 6 feet. That is why we can't compete with the mainland for all annual grain crops. If you really want sustainable food supply, buy a two years supply now.

9/27/12: At the Public Services Committee Meeting in Kula on 9/22/10, then member Nishiki said "Note, the Corporation Councel, our legal representative, has opined that a repeal of the water meter list may expose the County to liability." (See Page 5 of the meeting miniutes: UMLA testimony is on Page 13.) Why would that be? We need to know. Link here to a possible explanation.

9/25/12: The water meter size (e.g. 5/8") now limits the number of fixtures allowed in the house (i.e., lifestyle) - not the amount of water used. Engineers waste time counting toilets. If you want meter size to limit consumption, charge rates specific to meter size and consumption. Our family of 7 water usage without irrigation averages 280 g/d. The DWS assumption of 600 g/d per household is far too large and limits # of meter awards.

9/23/12: The breakthrough for elimination of the Meter List was the proposal to allow the Mayor to increase water rates during droughts. Is it bragging to republish my own drought rate recommendations made on 11/29/11 and 9/22/09 which suggest the same thing? The actual rates must be set by Council policy which is, as yet, unknown.

9/22/12: Download analysis of the first 22 meter award letters showing needed Fire Flow. The 18,250 feet of 6" pipe is obsolete. New pipe (both @ $100 to $200/ft) should be 8"!

9/20/12: Please consider these additions to the Taylor Plan presented below:
1) The meter reservation fee is $6,030. If the Council passed a policy statement that future meters would be reserved and awarded on request, and if people were sure of this policy, only those that are actually ready build (~10%) would pay now. Without this policy. everyone will reserve and pay even though they are unready to build.
2) Kula Ridge (116 meters, mostly affordable housing) is ready to build now. Council should find a way to accept the $2M they have offered. That is an $11K/m additional fee.
3) It is certain that higher meter fees will be required in the future. Rather than increasing the upfront fee of $6K, Council should charge the extra fee later ($11K?) so that it can be included in the mortgage financing for home construction.
4) In addition to "hold harmless" letters, Council should allow consideration of private water tanks and sprinkler systems to mitigate the onerous fire flow requirements. This would increase Upcountry water storage capability
using private - not public funds.

9/19/12: Download Director Taylor's pdf briefing  and the associated Maui Now and Maui News article. The key briefing page is #32. It shows that for Upcountry:
1)  the need for additional water supply from wells occurs only during droughts, and
2) higher drought rates and restrictions would sufficiently reduce demand so that new water (i.e., wells) would not be needed. Thus, enactment of drought rate authority to be applied when and where needed is important to reduce drought demand. Then, Piiholo South Well is not needed
. But, if Piiholo South becomes private, 1.72 Mg/d will be lost to the County. PS may still be a good investment as a supply cushion in the future.
Here is a link to many important questions asked by UMLA before the presentation.

9/18/12: At the WRC meeting today, DWS Director David Taylor presented an approach to eliminate the Meter List within 2 to 3 years. For this excellent work, and the supporting effort from DWS staff, the UMLA Board has awarded the Administration two points. WRC Chair Michael Victorino is also recognized because of his continuing efforts. See County Ratings.  Specific enabling proposals to the Council will follow. Hopefully, Council will favorably consider these requested changes to the County Code.   

9/14/12: I am against having a special "Environmental Court". Read my letter in the Maui News. Read details of how this court might have prevented development of the Kihei R&T Park and associated  AMOS upgrades if it had been in existence in 1986.

9/11/12: Although I live Upcountry, I can speak to the Kihei mall issue since Kihei is my constituency.  The Mall location seems ideal for a premier retail enterprise. The mauka side of Piilani Hwy is mostly desert - just right for an alternate road. Those Kihei dwellers wanting a school and a second road might favorably consider the Mall and its surrounds.  For infrastructure, we need investments, families, customers and a view to the future. If the developers are wrong about their predictions for Mall use, they will loose their investment. If they are right, we will have our road.

9/5/12: Candidate Pohle is against the "Environmental Court". My letter with personal experience submitted to Maui News. For background, see articles for and against.

9/1/12: Candidate Pohle supports the Maui Mega-Mall in Kihei. See Maui News Letters.

8/13/12: Here is proof for my AKAKU and PRG TV statements that Piiholo South Well (capability of 1.72 Mg/day) has been offered for sale to Maui County.  Piiholo South and Pookela Wells would satisfy the entire Upcountry Meter List. This link downloads the estimate of cost to Maui DWS for a $2.6M "as is" well and a $3.77M "ready to go" well. This link downloads May 2012 meeting notes (sent to the DWS) by a former owner attempting to correct misconceptions about Piiholo South Well. You may remember (2010) that former Member Nishiki repeatedly called these owners "insincere" and that former DWS Director Eng testified that he "lost" earlier communications between these well owners and the County. All of this happened while the owners were negotiating in good faith. I publish these items now because these owners have sold out in frustration to new people. We can only hope that the new owners will follow through on the earlier offer to sell Piiholo South to the County. They could easily take the well private. Since the linking infrastructure required for a private and public well is different, there is a time issue for a county response. For good measure, here is a link to the original PowerPoint presentation on Piiholo South Well made to Maui County in September 2010. Yet, DWS still claims there is no new water available. 

8/9/12: Link to my responses to KHON2 on many election issues or visit my Campaign Page.

7/30/12: DWS published the updated 2012 Priority List (link to it by Priority Number or TMK) but removed the 2011 List  so there is no reference available for comparison. The 2012 List is very similar to the 2008 list. Follow this link to the 2008 Priority List in Excel and as an added bonus, I have provided the associated names, location, and zip. For an example of List movement, #927 in the 2008 list is now #905 in the 2012 List - an advance of 22 in 4 years. Even with water available, the List advance is only about 50/year. We need to streamline these procedures and make the fees reasonable - not impossible.

A Maui News Olowalu development  article shows who is against the project even though the town is for it according to another MN article. Who is against it?  The usual suspects.

7/24/12: UMLA recommends Mike Victorino, Lisa Gapero, [both for Wailuku] and Erin McLaughlin for the [Kahului] County Council. Please see UMLA Council Ratings.

7/24/12: Link to the 2012 Meter Priority Lists by priority number and TMK. By 6/30/12, everyone had advanced by about 20 places from 2011 because of 33,000 g/d of new water released to DWS in December 2011.  Link to the press release, Director Taylor's response to a Victorino request for meter award status, and 2 sample letters sent out to meter recipients. By 4/27/12, cumbersome procedures had limited DWS meter awards to only 15 parcels. At this rate, even with ample water available, it would take until 2050 to send a letter to every meter applicant. Shameful!

Your UMLA Founder and Upcountry Council candidate, Richard Pohle, stands for Truth, Justice, and the American Way. See my letter to the Maui News and other positions on the Campaign Page.

7/3/12: This Maui News article "Water Meter Could Cost $30K" describes a briefing by DWS Director David Taylor to the Council providing water policy options. This is essentially the same briefing that he delivered in  August, 2011 except that he suggested some specific fee levels for the various options. Member Hokoma noted that the most egregious example of $30K for a meter might be possible for a large developer but not for a homeowner.  Nobody ever realizes that there are other, more feasible  ways to collect the fee. Allow the homeowner to finance it with the mortgage - not as an up front cost, for example. And a big developer will just add the fee to the cost of his product. Then, as now, Director Taylor asked for policy guidance. UMLA has also testified agreeing with Director Taylor. UMLA has long advocated additional fees for new users. The policy question the Council should answer is what fraction of the cost should be added to the existing users.

Same old problems persist but now nearly a year has past since 8/11. Lets have some decisions!! This lack of leadership is one reason that I run for Council. Lets see how long it takes this time.
7/2/12: The DWS administrative rule 16-108 referred to in the letter below by Paul Myer is obsolete. Water Board references should now be DWS Director and 2 years to comply should be 5 years.

6/26/12: WRC Chair Victorino asked DWS for status update and examples of Meter Award Letters send out in response to the new water allocation announced on 12/15/11. In this link we see an actual letter written and the conditions for the first person on the List. One requirement listed to obtain his DWS meter award is installation of 3500 feet of 6"underground pipe. Imagine that cost [between $100 and $200/ft]. More importantly, why does the DWS require installation of a 6" pipe when an 8" pipe is the current rural standard and the difference in cost between an 8" and 6" pipe is minimal compared to the cost of the project? Stupid! It is true that the parcel is ag land which requires only 500 g/s and a 6" line would have sufficed. But eventually the location may be classified as rural. Wouldn't be smarter to have the County do the project considering the County as a whole rather than a single project designed for a single parcel at a particular time? That is why the County should accept a reasonable fee in a reasonable time for a project and pool these fees rather than requiring piece meal projects spread over unreasonable time spans with no thought for the future.

6/26/12: First campaign brochure + a Council Ratings plus up for Member Victorino's letter above.

6/23/12: Check out our new Photo Shoot and Fire Flow Infrastructure pages.

6/14-16/12: Link to a briefing delivered to Cost of Government Committee this morning. Suggested best approach uses private exaction fees to supplement public funds to develop source and infrastructure. Fees depend on land use. Best approach encourages private home building by small landowners. Link to the Maui News article of 6/15 reporting this meeting. Even with new water, existing procedures will satisfy the List by 2041. For proof, see my 
campaign announcement.

6/5/12: I was convinced to file for the Upcountry Council seat by my 1110 am Talk Story radio show call in to Mayor Arakawa Thursday morning. I asked why he did not to use his MCC: Sec 14.13.080  power to grant waivers in the small number of unfair, harsh and unusual cases where the parcel owner does not want to subdivide and is surrounded by similar parcels, all with meters. He said the waiver power was given to the Board of Water Supply.  BZZZZZT! Wrong Mr Mayor. The 2002 election gave the Mayor and the Council all authority over water issues and limited the Board to an advisory role. If the Mayor does not know that fact, it is no wonder that the Meter List has not moved.
(We will publish the Mayor's response, if any.) Upcountry Council Member Baisa also has done little to move the Meter List. If elected, I will ask questions like this from the Council floor.

5/28/12: A Maui News article discusses repairs to the Waikamoi Flume transporting water to Upcountry. "While the project is aimed at improving water service for residents, it's not developing a new source of water and would "not allow for the issuance of new water meters," the assessment says." The $10 to 15 M project will not help the Water Meter List. Only new well sources can provide water in droughts and move the List. Why the delay? Buy a well for $2.6M.

5/26/12: Arakawa, Baisa and Hokoma have all been downraded in the new UMLA ratingsAll Talk, No Walk. as an MN letter writer says. Member Victorino was upgraded. June 5th is the deadline for filing as a candidate for a seat on the County Council. Members Baisa and Hokoma are currently unopposed (go to Candidates Report). These members are at the bottom of the UMLA ratings - i.e., the most hostile to new Upcountry Meters. Any takers? ~$65k/year?.

The 2250 parcel A&B development in Central Maui will require water from the Haiku Aquifer [see 2/20/12]. This water could be used for the Upcountry Meter List. If the A&B development proceeds with Haiku water without satisfying the Upcountry List, it will be evidence of anti Upcountry bias - a dangerous legal position for the County. 

5/7/12: We reissue the link to the Upcountry Priority List Ordinance to remind you of the effects of this unfair law.

4/24/12:The Testimony and Archive page now includes links to all 86 pages of this web site.

4/19/12: Your UMLA Founder testified at the Budget and Finance Community meeting in Kula. Most of the testimony was to request funds for various organizations like MEO, Bus service, and scouts. UMLA noted that the KCA presentation listed meters for Upcountry as having top priority. That's progress, but as yet, KCA have not lobbied for new water sources (wells). Lack of dependable Upcountry water sources in droughts and pumping cost are the reasons no meters are issued.

4/14/12: Bill BF-70 is before the Budget and Finance Committee. This bill is an attempt by Member White to eliminate unfair tax difference between neighboring parcels. If you would like to see your neighborhood taxes paid, go to this Link. Go to "Search Records" in top line. When there, click "Yes, I accept...". On the next page click  "Search by Parcel Number".  Insert your parcel number if you have it. Convert this number as in the directions on the Maui page. If you are on the Meter List, link to 2011 List  [7/30/12: DWS has removed this link. Now use 2012] to get your parcel number by priority.  From the parcel number on the Meter List, add a zero after the second hyphen, remove hyphens and colons, and add 4 zeros at the end. Insert the 12 digit result to the search page. The result is a page with the parcel owner. Click on the parcel number. On the right side of the result is a "Show Parcel Map".  This gets you to the parcel map for you and your neighbors. Click on any parcel to see the parcel tax data on the right side. "Click for Complete Card" for the tax data under the "show Historical Data". See

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